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Zulema Arroyo-Farley's dreams for creating global sarcoma awareness were fulfilled on April 5, 2016 when Adele read her sign, and brought her on stage during Adele's last London concert. Adelegave Zulema the chance to be the first global sarcoma voice.

Thank you to the many concertgoers who recorded this pivotal moment in sarcoma history the story went viral. Additionally, the head of Sarcoma UK, was  on the 10th row, witnessing history unfold, and immediately started searching for the brave lady who got up on stage to talk about sarcoma. Within 24 hours Zulema and Sarcoma UK had established a connection and met in person.

Adele did keep her promise,  gave Zulema tickets to her New York concert. In October, 2016, Zulema and her husband Nick attended two Adele concerts at Madison Square Garden, met Adele's management team, long time friend and assistant and gave Adele a very special gift- an Adele painting by internationally renowned artist, Bradley Theodore.


The sign Zulema Arroyo-Farley made for Adele's concert. 

The sign Zulema Arroyo-Farley made for Adele's concert.