Our History

Artz Cure Sarcoma™ Foundation was founded in 2015 by Zulema Arroyo-Farley following her own sarcoma diagnosis. It is dedicated to raising capital and creating awareness to find treatment options for what will hopefully lead to a cure in the future. 

Sarcoma Cells

Sarcoma Cells

Sarcoma is a malignant tumor of connective tissue or other non-epithelial tissue. There are more than 50 types of soft tissue sarcoma; they are all rare and require expert diagnosis by a specialized sarcoma oncologist. MD Anderson’s Sarcoma Center is the nation’s largest program for bone and soft tissue sarcomas and their patients have a 80% five year survival rate.

Sarcoma lacks the intensive scrutiny devoted to other forms of cancer, hence the stinging absence of funds. In the U.S., it represents 15,000 (0.009%) of the 1,685,000 total cases of cancer that will be diagnosed this year. Consequently, resources for cancer research are allocated to combating more common forms of cancer resulting in very limited treatment options for sarcoma patients. Sarcoma, nonetheless, remains the one of the deadliest forms of cancer for children and adults.

Zulema Arroyo- Farley is a leading figure in the fight against sarcoma.

In April 2016, Zulema's dreams for creating Sarcoma awareness were fulfilled when Adele saw her sign and brought her on stage allowing her the chance to share her story and become the first global sarcoma voice. 

In September 2016, Zulema was named one of the 25 Mujeres Poderosas ("25 Most Powerful Women") by People en Español magazine for her restless efforts to create sarcoma awareness.

Zulema and the Artz Cure Sarcoma™ Foundation have also been the subject of numerous articles around the world including her native Puerto Rico. Fundraising is primarily driven by auctions featuring global established and emerging artists.

Most recently, Zulema Arroyo-Farley has signed a book deal with internationally renowned publishing company Atria books, Simon & Schuster! The time has come to finally put pen to paper and share her story with the world: the soaring highs and profound lows, and the diagnosis that changed her life forever: sarcoma. A portion of the book proceeds will be donated to sarcoma research as Zulema's life mission is to truly impact the course of the disease. 

Artz Cure Sarcoma™ Foundation is based in New York City.